Your V face Expert – DrNanolabcel™ provide the most suitable treatment based on individual skincare needs.

A thorough skin analysis can determine your skin type and accurately diagnose your particular skin concerns, followed by machine-enhanced treatment and firming essence that contain powerful plant extracts with Argireline formula (well known as natural Botox alternative). Our professional skin therapist will then perform skin treatment with the combination of 100% natural DrNanolabcel™ products to combat specific skin problems and provide rejuvenated and refreshed skin, fulfilling the promise of V-face to you!

In just 1 session of 5V facelift treatment, Asian Women noticed:-


The 6 Good Reasons:

Undefined Face Shape

Double Chin

Forehead Lines

Sagging Face

Laughing Lines

Crow’s Feet

At DrNanolabcel™ Beauty Centre, we promise