Plastic surgery – not the answer for your lines, wrinkles and saggy jowls?

Defying gravity is now possible with this modern breakthrough being made in non-surgical face lifting technology to restore your youth with no pain and downtime.

7 Minutes Slim Face Therapy gives you the advantage of a facelift without surgery or other invasive procedures.

1. Slim Face
2. V-line Forming
3. Skin Elasticity
4. Cellulite Removal
5. Wrinkle Care
6. Fat Cells Breakdown
7. Collagen Production


1 Benefit in 1 Minute 






















Tighten skin tissue and reduce horizontal wrinkles on forehead, the forehead skin will smooth out and appear less wrinkled.

Produce collagen and elastin fibers and promote regeneration of rosy apple cheeks, creating a more bouncy and stretchy skin.

➌ Jowl Line
Break down excess fat from jowl area to prevent sagging jowl, creating a lifted jowl line while wrinkles are visibly reduced as the skin tightens.

➍ Eyebrow
Reduce under eye troughs, bags and dark circles and lift the brow. The eyebrows are elevated to produce bigger, youthful eyes.

Skin Tone
Tighten, lift and rejuvenate your face while strengthening the skin tone. New collagen cells produced and improve skin tone.

Promote a tightening effect from the inside out, redefine jawline and give the perfect V-contour!

Double Chin
Reduce fat volume in your lower face, safely lift and tone loose skin without any downtime.