Miracle restores all imperfection

Everyone deserves a long lasting and beautiful skin that can withstand the test of time. At DrNanolabcel™, we aim to help you achieve your beauty goal and desired look!

After years of basic research and clinical study, our researchers have found skin physiology and in depth genetic structure of skin cells. Through innovative development process and methods, we were able to identify that human skin consists of molecular signatures. These molecular signatures are made up of proteins which are characteristics of young skin and of aging skin. With selected active ingredients, we developed a scientifically advanced formula to provide aging skin with the protein content signature of younger skin.

We use 100% pure Edelweiss Stem Extract originated from Germany, which contains natural collagen-producing cells, elastin fibers and proteins. Its distinct molecules are similar to the mineral particles that are found in pure gold, containing great amount of active cell properties which can safely and effectively accelerate the process of cell metabolism. Thus, wrinkles become lesser and skin becomes tighter. We called this revolutionary formula, the V-face miracle.

In these 18 years, our goal remains the same. We strive to constantly develop innovative and effective products and customized treatments to meet various skin care needs of customers. DrNanolabcel™ will continue growing in the development of knowledge and expertise, combining beauty, nature and science in the field of skin physiology. We strive to be the forefront of beauty technologies and aesthetics development.