It is the latest generation therapy for non-invasive "Deep Face Lift" with immediate results of intense tightening, recovery and perfecting of the face's contour while smoothing of facial wrinkles!

Slim Face

V-line Forming

Skin Elasticity

Metabolism Boost

Wrinkle Care

Fat Cells Breakdown

Collagen Production

How It Work 

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) focuses on the deeper layer of connective tissue and muscle layers of the skin (SMAS). During 7mins slim face treatment, in motion HIFU targets precisely the problem areas of the skin and with the process of producing new collagen, strong tightening and correction of problematic areas is achieved.

The results are immediately visible from the first session but continue to improve gradually over the next 3 months. A complete "7mins Slim Face" treatment takes 1 to 5 sessions and the result can last up to 1 year. The treatment is suitable for women and men, aged 30 years and above, and applies to all parts of the person that has relaxation, wrinkles and fine lines of expression such as: Facial contour, cheekbones, double collar, neck and décolleté.

7mins Slim Face treatment can be combined with other beauty treatments such as botox, mesotherapy and hyaluronic acid implants.


The amazing 7mins Slim Face therapy enables to focus on each face area separately in order to match the specific care to the skin type for an efficient and outstanding outcomes. 


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